Flaming Caterpillar

Flaming Caterpillar © Amanda Makepeace

Flaming Caterpillar © Amanda Makepeace

Shutterworks would like to welcome Amanda Makepeace and her first Guest submission.

Photo Title: Flaming Caterpillar
Equipment: iPhone 3G with Photojojo Macro Lens
No Post-editing

I’m one of those people who observes everything. It’s a trait that comes in handy for an artist who also happens to love photographing the minute things I find at my feet. I came across this brilliantly colored caterpillar on a walk to the mailbox. His fiery hue stood out against the green leaves, begging me to take his portrait. I was happy to oblige.

You can find Amanda’a art  on Facebook and on her website. Her Flickr account also shows off her great photo skills.


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