SUNDAY: Mark Ethridge


  • Mark Ethridge (Also known as LurchMunster and My Soul’s Tears)


  • USA – Virginia

Skill Level:

  • Amateur

Current Equipment:

The Usual Subjects:

  • Flowers
  • Birds
  • The ocean
  • National Wildlife Reserves

Social Media Profile:

Quick Bio:

  • My wife will tell you I’m semi-retired, and no one expected me to be such at my age. I will tell you I am exploring life, and figuring out what parts I like, and what parts I’m not so fond of. My wife will tell you I love flowers. I won’t argue with her on that one. Please note, I’m the older guy, with glasses, and a pony tail, wearing t-shirts with pretty fairies painted on them. As many people have said when observing the shirts, “Fairies Rock!”

Fave Photographer(s):

Fave Photographs Software, Apps, Ect:

Fave Photo Related Quote(s):

  • If you don’t push the button, you can’t get the picture (source unknown)
  • It’s only electrons (Pat’s instructors at TCC)
  • You must stand very, very still (source unknown)
  • Dumb luck! (George of the Jungle)

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