Early Oak Unfurls

Early Oak Leaves

Early Oak Unfurls © Lisa Shambrook

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Fire Haze

© Brewed Bohemian

© Brewed Bohemian

In honor of Beltane.  I tried to capture the image of the heat blurring the trees in the background.

iPhone 4s, no edits

Tree Framing

© Brewed Bohemian

© Brewed Bohemian

Colorado beauty – tried to frame the valley through the trees but it turned into a picture full of green.

Sony Cybershot no edits

A Figment of Holy Week

A Figment of Holy Week

© John Magnet Bell

I don’t have a title for this one. The little town I find myself in happens to be all abuzz with Holy Week festivities, and I spotted these decorations on an evening walk.

Took the picture with my Android phone and did most of the editing on Pixlr Express (I like it better than Photoshop Express, to be honest!) and then transferred the image to the computer to do a little post in Photoshop.