Somewhere Near Sparks, Nv.

PC-Shutter-2SQ©Pat Casteen

Random image with multiple potential interpretations. 😉

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An Impression of Noble Woods at Sunset

An Impression of Noble Woods at Sunset

© John Magnet Bell

In Adobe Camera Raw, there’s a slider called “Clarity”; slide it all the way to the left, and the contours in your photo acquire a soft, yet non-feathery edge. The image becomes more dreamlike as a result.

But that’s not all. In addition to playing with the colors and exposure on this, I also threw in some additional photoshop work; among other things, I duplicated the original image, discarded all color information, added a strong blur, then overlaid that b&w, blurry image on top of the original. This creates a misty, dreamlike effect. Such a step can be repeated at will and adjustments made to taste.

Once you get used to working with Camera Raw and layers in photoshop, you can’t ever go back.

Autumn’s Canvas

Autumn Leaf by Amanda Makepeace

© Amanda Makepeace

For the last couple weeks I’ve been photographing some of the fall leaves I find on my morning walk. The myriad of colors is one of the things I love about this time of year.

Taken with iPhone 4

Edited in Instagram