Meg McNulty

Name: Meg McNulty 

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Skill Level: Advanced

Current Equipment: Nikon D300 plus Nikon lens, Nokia Lumia 820, Asu transformer T300

The Usual Subjects: All sorts of things! Especially portraiture and seascapes, decaying buildings and urban scenes.

.facebook_920039824  Ballet  Portobello Beach  Cora

Social Media Profile: charitygirlblog on twitter and pinterest, meg-mcnulty on soundcloud and megmcnulty on tumblr. I blog regularly at, and The Romanchics.

Quick Bio: Some time around 2008 I fell in love with photography big time. I invested in second hand Nikon and Adobe photoshop and away I went… portraiture, wedding photography, the works.  I’ve since switched to writing as my main creative outlet, but I still love snapping – and love the rough and ready convenience of having a camera in my phone! 

Fave Photographer(s): Laura Ward, Annie Liebovitz, Man Ray… I love surreal, elaborate set pieces, fashion photography and dreamy drifty images full of imagination and magic.  I also love the majesty of Ansel Adams. 

Fave Photographs Software, Apps, Ect: I’m a big fan of Adobe Lightroom – the best software for processing large numbers of images and a godsend for wedding photography.  I also use photoshop – though not to its fullest capacity – and I’ve a great fondness for some of the fabulous apps available now for mobile devices. Latest favourite: Be Funky for Android. 

Fave Photo Related Quote(s): “To look at a thing is very different from seeing it.” – Oscar Wilde 


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