Traver, California.

20150726©Pat Casteen

This reminded me of the movie Office Space as the owner certainly takes his “Flair” seriously.

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Where Life and Love and Shadows Meet

© John Magnet Bell

© John Magnet Bell

From my sojourn in Portugal. There’s a via crucis (Way of the Cross) sanctuary up North, Bom Jesus do Monte (Good Jesus of the Hill), which started out as a hermitage in the fifteenth century. It was almost entirely rebuilt in the 1720s. Numerous wooded pathways surround the main church, and there’s a million little things to discover.

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Look Up

Hyatt From Below by Amanda Makepeace

© Amanda Makepeace

I’ve just returned from Dragon Con in Atlanta, where I participated in the 2014 Art Show. It’s a juried exhibition held each year in the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. The hotel opened in 1967 and was first known as the Regency Hyatt House. The revolutionary 22-story atrium was designed by architect John Calvin Portman, Jr. and it set the tone for future hotel designs.

Whenever I’m at Dragon Con and Hyatt I can’t help but look up!

Photo taken with my iPhone 4.