A More Formal Portrait

©Pat Casteen

©Pat Casteen

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Same bird, same fence post, week between. They have a nest nearby and this one is the lead guard. He/she is a valiant protector, seen chasing away birds 4 times his/her size. Continue reading


Cat’s Eyes

Dru's Eyes by Amanda Makepeace

© Amanda Makepeace

I’ve been a bit distracted. There’s a backlog of photographs I haven’t cataloged and uploaded to Flickr. I’m preparing for a large art show this summer and I have a new kitten in the house! As someone who loves photographing her cats as much as the tiny things in nature, you can imagine the number of furry photos I have accumulating. Sharing one of my favorites seemed the logical thing to do.

I love cat’s eyes. Magical. Wondrous.

Taken with my iPhone 4.

*More kitten cuteness can be found in my Instagram account.