Break In The Storm


Sort of a sunset 🙂

OMD EM-5 ISO 320, f 5.6, 30mm, 1/80sec. -.7 exposure compensation due to highlights being so much brighter than scene average. Cropped in post due to lens being wider than I wanted for this shot and no chance at reframing, effect was gone in 2 minutes.


3 thoughts on “Break In The Storm

  1. It’s great to catch it…like you said nature changes so fast. I was driving the other day and turned a corner…and the sky West was lit like a furnace, it looked like the entire town was on fire behind the closer buildings! Couldn’t stop to get a pic, and five minutes later it was dark!

    • That happens to me all the time, usually in bumper to bumper traffic with no exit in site and no shoulder. Very frustrating, but I just try to enjoy the view as much as it can be enjoyed in a vehicle 🙂

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