Two Fireworks Abstracts



Couple from a Fourth of July fireworks show.

I like to use an old Fujinon 55mm F1.8 for fireworks as it has a lot of aberrations used wide open on a digital sensor and it produces some stunning images. As you can probably tell I really don’t care too much about realism for these shots, so I left a uv filter on the lens to exaggerate any effects. The red orb shot has the exposure dropped about 2/3 stop and the black level dropped a bit more, slight clarity boost and I think a fairly strong contrast curve if I remember correctly. The other was just a slight exposure drop and black level drop and resized in lightroom.



4 thoughts on “Two Fireworks Abstracts

  1. I’ve never got good firework pictures yet, but I’m waiting ’til November 5th to try again this year.
    I love the red orbs, adds a surreal element and makes it nicely abstract!

    • Usually I leave the camera on base ISO, but got distracted at the start of the show and left it on auto ISO. Don’t think the orb shot would exist if the camera was on base ISO at the time, so there goes another rule to live by 😉

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