Beads and Glitter

Caitlin beads 18 mnths July 2001

Beads © Lisa Shambrook

Taken with my old Kodak 35mm Camera

Editing: scanned from original 6×4 photograph, so edited to remove dust or marks, and cropped to favoured size

Sometimes I wish I’d had a digital camera when my children were small…I have plenty of images taken from standard 35mm cameras (now all scanned to laptop), but you remember those were the days when you took a whole roll of film and then had to wait to see if any of the pictures had turned out well!

On this occasion my daughter was twenty months and I needed pictures of those cute curls! I took a whole role of about thirty-eight pictures, and got about five that I loved.

The secret to these pictures were keeping her occupied with beads, which broke…a glitter hair band, grapes, teddies and trinkets.

These photos will never be perfect, too much wall, not the best lighting, and never as crisp as the original prints, but it’s the little girl captured within that matters, and she’s perfect!

100. Caitlin 20months July 2001

Glitter © Lisa Shambrook


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