Teddy’s Demise


Teddy’s Demise – Banksy © Lisa Shambrook

Taken with Fugi Finepix S5700

No editing

We queued for five, long hours to see the Bansky exhibition at Bristol Museum, back in August 2009. It was worth it!

I have no idea if this Teddy and gun was part of the exhibit or not, but I suspect he was, even though it was outside!

I’ve added a few more pics for you to enjoy:


Banksy Bristol 2009 © Lisa Shambrook


Banksy Bristol 2009 © Lisa Shambrook


4 thoughts on “Teddy’s Demise

  1. Appears it was well worth the wait in line! I think it was the one on the right of the big gold frame that did Teddy in, judging from the gun he’s toting 😉 Thanks, this post made me smile after a very long day! 🙂

    • It was worth it, but we waited with three children aged 10, 14, and 16…so it was a relief to stop queuing and get inside! Thankfully, there were a few things outside to see too! Glad it made you smile!

  2. To me Banksy’s funniest prank was when he sneaked into the Louvre and hung fake paintings on the walls. He claimed his sister had once put down his art by saying, “Well, it’s not like they’re going to show your stuff at the Louvre, is it.”

    Some of the paintings, I believe, stayed on the walls for up to two hours before anybody noticed and had them removed.

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