Symmetric Seagulls



Left a store Saturday afternoon and saw these two on the way to the car. They stayed for a few photos 🙂

Only had my 14mm lens (wide angle) so these are pixel level crops, first one reduced also. There are about 4 more pictures with the seagulls appearing to strike poses for me in unison. Top one is from just outside my car, shot into the sun deliberately for the flare. Bottom is after zooming with my feet about 100 feet to get the front view. Olympus OMD EM5, 14mm Panasonic pancake lens, UV (0) filter as it cuts down on purple fringing with this lens on the EM5. Both f8, top 1/4000 second, bottom 1/500 second.


5 thoughts on “Symmetric Seagulls

    • Went back and forth on sharing more, but they aren’t much different. Just the standard look up to the left, look right, down to the left people poses. The weird thing is they did it all in unison. I’ve never seen gulls behave that way. Also amazed they didn’t fly off the second I got to the car and took the camera out, that’s what usually happens!

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