Thunderbird with thunderclouds/Hot August Nights

PC-Shutter-101©Pat Casteen


Couple pictures from Hot August Nights In Reno, Nv.

Top is from car show at Grand Sierra, wish the light pole wasn’t there but no way to frame it out of the picture. Was lucky to get a shot without 5 people being in it… Bottom is from 22nd floor of The Nugget hotel across the freeway before I headed down to check out the hundreds of cars below. Both with Olympus OMD-EM5, top with 14mm pancake lens at f5 with circular polarizer, bottom with M42 Pentax 135mm f3.5 at around f8, no filters. (Not bad for a 35 year old lens, huh?)


7 thoughts on “Thunderbird with thunderclouds/Hot August Nights

    • They can be quite striking, especially when they shoot upward! Had to crouch for about 5 minutes waiting to get the shot without a bunch of people in it. They had the cars packed in like sardines, so hard to get a full shot without another car grille in it 🙂

    • Hot August nights is amazing, probably about 10,000 classic cars converging in a 15×15 mile radius for a week. Open headers are quite common and the police are very understanding. Crowd is very relaxed, lots of kids. Was fun.

      • Have to add Hot August Nights to my bucket list.

        I just noticed your comment on using a 35-year-old lens. Lenses can be a wonderful investment.

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