County Fair

(c) Ruth Lon g

(c) Ruth Lon g

Taken with Android Camera

No processing

– – – – –

This is an extraordinary photo only in that it captures the precise moment in time when I realized I wanted to get more serious about photography. I’d turned for a last look at the carnival, felt compelled to snap a parting shot, and shifted my stance to get as many circular/curved elements as possible in the screen. It was a SHAZAM moment for me and I swear celebratory confetti pellets burst inside my cranium! 🙂


3 thoughts on “County Fair

  1. I love this, night-time photography was always beyond me and my simple cameras, unless you wanted to bleach everything with the flash, but now with Smart Phones and all the different settings eg: ‘Night’, ‘party/indoor’, ‘sunset’, ‘snow’ etc…I can now capture shots I never could before!

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