Eastbourne, early summer


© John Magnet Bell

Eastbourne in the UK, where I lived and worked for a while. “Little sun-trap of the South.”


5 thoughts on “Eastbourne, early summer

    • The promenade is so great, especially on a nice day like the one I shot this. I lived about 2 minutes from the train station, and the promenade often beckoned. I took hundreds of photos along the shore.

      Brighton’s great. I’d go and hang out at the Lanes every chance I got. Loved the little pubs and cafés. Also the Strada on the corner of New Road – they made such good pizzas.

      There’s a special vibe to Brighton – it reminds me of mainland European towns, and especially Norwegian ones.

      Glad the photo brought up happy memories for you.

      • The Lanes make me very happy, we took our daughter back for her 18th birthday, to traipse around The Lanes and enjoy the cafes and seafront! She was born there like us, but only spent two months in Hove, actually, before we moved! I worked at Brighton Borough Council and sat at a window overlooking the pier and sea…I daydreamed a lot!

  1. This is gorgeous! I love how so much of the sea leads our eyes to the shore and then the buildings. Your reminiscences make me feel nostalgic for a place I’ve never been! 😉

    • Thank you, Ruth.

      Eastbourne as a place favors nostalgia; and I can promise you that an evening walk on the promenade can be quite romantic.

      The Eastbourne pier is one of the oldest in Europe, and a popular subject for photographs.

      At night when they light it up it’s quite impressive.

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