Classical Forest Fae

Forest fairy Classical Streamzoo, The Last Krystallos Shutterworks

Classical Forest Fairy – © Lisa Shambrook

Taken with Samsung G600

Edited on Streamzoo using ‘Classical’ Texture and ‘Curl’ Frame

Streamzoo is a fun processing app in the same vein as Instagram, which allows you the option of cropping (or not cropping) to whatever size you desire, and doesn’t limit you to a square. The 22 textures/effects are more arty, including 5 B/W options, and the 14 frames are chosen independently of your texture. It also gives you the option of adding ‘Tilt- Shift’ and then editing choices with hue, saturation brightness and contrast.

I thought I’d also treat you to the original photograph, taken on a fairy photoshoot in the woods behind our house. My oldest was experimenting with photography when she was 15, and we got some great pictures of my youngest!

Forest Fairy

Forest Fairy – © Lisa Shambrook

Note: The ‘Classical’ option as used in my main picture is no longer offered on Streamzoo, which is a pity as it was a favourite of mine!


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